In Remembrance

Remembering Our Academy Colleagues

Veteran newsreader Bill Pitt (80) died on Friday 17th November 2017 after a short illness. He had been a senior member of the Academy FM Thanet news team since joining the station in 2013, and was a helpful mentor to less experienced colleagues.
Station manager Bob Mower said: “We’re in total shock. “He was a lively character who’d had an interesting life, and he was a natural on the air. And with his particular background, he was also a natural at our public events. “He was a lovely bloke and he’ll be greatly missed. 


Paddy was much loved and respected by the team and listeners of Academy FM. He joined the news team in 2012, and brought with him a jollity and friendliness that was infectious. Everyone who ever met him, was taken by his enthusiasm and willingness to help. Paddy had a warmth of character that enveloped and instantly made you feel at home, and he had a “devilish” sense of humour, that made us all chuckle.

Howard joined Academy FM right from the beginning in 2010. He was a larger than life character and was well known in Thanet for his charity work and love of local radio. He trained a lot of young people at Academy FM and the skills they learned from him have proved invaluable in their lives.