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Terms & Conditions

By entering any competitions either on-air or on-line you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

(i) Our Competitions are normally open to all listeners (other than staff members or close relatives, or those closely connected with the running of the competition), without regard to age, sex, nationality or status. However certain competitions may include age restrictions or other entry requirements. Any restriction on those that are eligible to take part will be made clear on-air (on a reasonably regular basis) and/or in any printed material that may accompany the competition.

(ii) Listeners are encouraged to take part in phone-in competitions no more than once every month and in general, having competed and won in one contest on the air, would not be eligible to compete in another until at least 28 days has elapsed. No one may attempt to circumvent this rule by appointing a proxy - who will be deemed to fall under the same restriction. Listeners may care to take part in postal competitions as often as they wish.

(iii) In the case of a phone-in competition, before listeners are put on the air they will be asked for their name, possibly their address or area, and the telephone number that they are calling from at that time.On most occasions it will be necessary for us to call back one or more entrants who called and expressedan interest in the competition. Simply calling in and getting through to the phone-in line or the studio does not constitute an entitlement to take part in any competition.

(iv) Giving false information concerning identity or age will cause any prize that has been won to be forfeited and the entrant disqualified.

(v) In the case of postal competitions prizewinners will be announced within seven days of the closing date of the competition.

(vi) Prizes, where suitable, or prize notification letters will be sent out by ordinary mail within 28 days after the announcement of the winner. If there is any likelihood of a delay then a letter explaining when the prize may be expected will be sent to the winner. Other prizes may need to be collected from our offices at the The Royal Harbour Academy, Stirling Way, Ramsgate, CT12 6NB. For security reasons, ID may be required.

(vii) In the case of a particularly valuable or large bulky prize that cannot be posted, it may be necessary for prize winners to make arrangements to collect their prize from reception at the station during normal office hours. Prizewinners must give reasonable prior notice by telephone of their intention to collect their prize and at the time of collection two forms of proof of identity will be required. Unless otherwise stated or date specific (i.e. concert tickets, holidays etc) prizes must be claimed no later than 6 months after the date of winning. Prizes may not be honoured after this 6 month period has expired.

(viii) Competition prizes cannot be exchanged for any goods other than what was described on-airor in the publicity material associated with the competition.

(ix) Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

(x) In the case of a dispute between a competitor and the station, the Station Manager, or in the caseof absence the appointed deputy will mediate, and that decision will be binding on both sides.

(xi) In the case of holidays or travel arrangements won, the conditions of the prize will be provided to the winner by letter. The prize must be taken as stated and is not transferable. This rule particularly refers to dates of departure, flights, transfers and any accommodation.

(xii) As a condition to competition entry and receipt of any prize, entrants agree that the radio station accepts no liability however arising from the giving of programme prizes and then use or consumptionthere of. If required, entrants will sign a letter of Acknowledgment confirming this on a form providedby the radio station.

(xiii) The radio station reserves the right to disqualify any listener from any competition without giving a reason, or to cancel the competition if deemed necessary, and if circumstances arise outside of their control.

(xiv) The radio station reserves the right to exclude any listener from competitions if the station believes that such listener or their associate may be using technology to gain an unfair advantage over other entrants, including, but not limited to, speed dialling hardware and software, automated dialling hardware and software and computer programs to automatically fill out web site forms.

(xv) The radio station also reserves the right to withhold Prizes if the event Promoter believes that a listener or their associate has engaged in fraudulent conduct, including but not limited to the use technology which enables a listener to evade charges when entering competitions via a premium service number.

(xvi) Entry into one of the competitions run by the radio station implies acceptance of the above rules and conditions.

(xvii) Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.


Missing Prizes "Update"

Academy FM introduced a new tracking system in November 2018 following complaints of prizes going missing. Previously, we automatically reimbursed those that had not received their prizes and will continue to do so if the problem is at our end. However, we can no longer be held responsible for what happens after the prize has left our studio and been posted out and therefore the matter should be referred to the Royal Mail and not Academy FM.